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Seal Coats – Asphalt Scams Or An Inevitable Savior?

By May 18, 2022December 1st, 2023No Comments
AAA Paving workers sealing a driveway.

Is your driveway looking a little worse due to constant wear? Are the cracks starting to spread, and the blacktop is fading? If so, it is probably time for a seal coat. But be careful – not all seal coats are created equal. There can be plenty of scams out there, but some great seal coating options are also available. So what’s the best way to go? Keep reading to find out.

1. Seal Coats – What are they, and what do they do?

A seal coat is a layer of asphalt applied to the surface of an existing road or pavement in order to protect it from weathering and wear. In addition, the seal coat acts as a barrier against water, keeping the road surface from becoming too wet and soft.

Seal coats also prevent the formation of cracks and potholes and can also be used to improve the appearance of your asphalt by giving it a dark, even color.

2. The many benefits of seal coats

Asphalt seal coats are a type of pavement surface treatment that provides many perks. Following are some of its top benefits:

  • They help fill in small cracks and voids in the pavement surface, which helps to prevent water and debris from entering and causing damage. Of course, you have to take care not to attempt to seal coating heavily cracked surfaces. That requires patching.
  • Seal coats protect the pavement from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause fading and cracking. They also protect the essential oils needed to give asphalt its flexible properties.
  • Staining and discoloration from oil and grease can be prevented with the help of protective seal coating. Additionally, the coat also forms a seal against water intrusion.
  • They provide a barrier against chemical spills and other contaminants that can otherwise degrade the asphalt & cause it to ravel prematurely.
  • Lastly, seal coats improve the overall appearance of the pavement and make it easier to clean. Seal coats also add to the texture & traction of pavement.

3. How to choose a contractor for seal coating services

It would help if you factored in a few things when choosing a contractor for seal coating services. First, you’ll want to verify that the contractor is experienced and has a good reputation. Ask around for personal recommendations, and check online reviews to get an idea of what others have said about the contractor’s work.

Second, you’ll want to get quotes from a few different contractors to compare prices. Be sure to ask about the quality of the materials that will be used, as well as the length of time the job is expected to take.

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